Read my interview with Voyage Minnesota Magazine!

I am excited to announce that I have been interviewed by Voyage Minnesota magazine: a stylish magazine featuring entrepreneurs, creative artists and inspirational figures from Minnesota and beyond! You can read my short interview to find out more about what drives me in my creative endeavours, and what is happening with EIF right now. I was happy to be able to promote bestselling poetry anthology Wounds I Healed in this way, and also spread the word about my forthcoming publication, Nature Speaks of Joy and Sorrow by Jeff Flesch.

It is only the beginning of August, but I am thrilled with the direction my business is taking: I have a variety of wonderful publications planned from some of the most talented and inspirational writers I know. It is a great honour to be representing them as publisher, and to be growing my business and my brand at the same time. It can seem almost impossible to turn a dream into reality at times, but in order to succeed you must continue despite all odds, and keep that all-important faith in yourself and your vision.

To all those who have supported me on this journey, and to those who continue to do so: a huge and heartfelt thank-you!


Now available in Kindle and Paperback!
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Coming soon from EIF and Jeff Flesch!

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  1. Congratulations, Ingrid! What an incredible endeavour! It feels so good to see you realising your dream. Enjoyed the interview. Love and best wishes. ❀️πŸ₯°

  2. I so loved reading this interview, Ingrid, and seeing what passions you highlighted within the writing. And, while thinking about literary style, I just love your dress!

  3. Congrats on the interview and they included some really good photos. Congratulations on realizing your dream of publishing creative works that matter. <3

  4. What an amazing interview. Congratulations, Ingrid! I’m so honored to be mentioned in this lovely article, and to be a part of your growing business. How wonderful! 🀩

  5. Great interview Ingrid, how lovely to see your published #1 seller in that book store. Congratulations!

  6. Beautiful accomplishments and inspiring words from a beautiful and inspiring woman. Heartfelt congrats Ingrid, you set a great example with your intention, determination, effort, energy, and well-deserved success. (p.s. I adore this photo of you!! Gorgeous dress that suits you perfectly, too!! And lovely interview. Muah! xoxo :))

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