Poetry Reading from Barbara Harris Leonhard

In anticipation of the release of her debut poetry collection, Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir, hear poet Barbara Harris Leonhard talk about her book cover and give some background to the book, and listen to a moving reading of the opening poem, ‘Excavating the Heart Wall of Grief.’

book cover with photos
The book cover, showing the collage which Barbara describes in the recording.

Barbara & I will be sharing more of her poetry recordings in the run-up to the book’s release on 15 October 2022, both here and on her blog. I hope you enjoyed this recording!


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    1. That was a fantastic reading. Love how relaxed you sound. And the cover is precious. All the best to you going forward. Looking forward to read the lineup you have.
      Thanks for sharing this, Ingrid. Splendid. Xoxo

      1. You’re a natural. Tremendously gorgeous. This book will bless the world. I know it. I’ll support you where I can. Tag me if you like. I’ll promote you. Be well. You are loved from across the ocean. Blessings. XoXo

      1. It’s currently on a new blog: seventyseveneast.wordpress.com with the poems and readings. Would be very interesting to read the book you are publishing and see what’s happening in the poetic memoir space.

  1. It’s great how your publishing is taking off Ingrid. Congratulations! I’m proud to have been a small part of it via your anthologies.

  2. The cover caught my eye immediately; it is elegant, attractive and interesting, and I loved the reading and description. Beautifully presented, Ingrid and Barbara!

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