A Video Poem from ‘Three-Penny Memories’

It has been an exciting week following the launch of Barbara Harris Leonhard’s debut poetry collection, Three-Penny Memories: A Poetic Memoir. The book reached the #1 New Release slot in Family Poetry, making this another EIF bestselling title! Huge congratulations to Barbara on this well-deserved accolade:

No.1 New Release in Family Poetry!

To celebrate the book’s success, and to give you a sample of the quality of Barbara’s writing and poetic style, please find a link to a video poem in which she reads “The Caregiver’s Craft” from Three-Penny Memories. The video includes images of Barbara and her parents through the years:

It was a pleasure to hear Barbara read at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival last night, an event I also attended with Nick Reeves: we both read poems from our forthcoming collection Archery in the UK (due for release early 2023). Stay tuned for further exciting updates from Team EIF…


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  1. Thank you, Ingrid! It was fun to make this video. I plan to create more. Thank you so much for sharing it!
    I enjoyed seeing you and even getting to read in the same segment as you did at the online poetry festival open mic!

  2. Wow congratulations to Barbara and you!
    This fabulous and I love this great poem and hearing Barbara’s book.
    My book came today and I love it and again the cover is truly magnificent!

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