‘Mom and I Play Lassos with Our Hysterectomy Scars’ Reading

Today, it is an honour to share Barbara Harris Leonhard’s reading of her Pushcart nominated poem, ‘Mom and I Play Lassos with Our Hysterectomy Scars.’ It is a direct, fearless and moving poem, but I will let Barbara speak for herself:

Thank you to everyone who has bought and reviewed books in the EIF Kindle Title Sale! Here is the latest review of Three-Penny Memories, from Dawn Pisturino:

Penned with heart-felt love, devotion, and pain, this memoir is an honest family portrait that mirrors both the mother and the daughter. The bond between mother and daughter is complex, but Barbara beautifully describes both the comfortable and uncomfortable sides of this relationship. Anybody who has cared for a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s, will relate to Barbara’s experience. Anybody who has missed out on motherhood and lost a child, will find Barbara’s story deeply moving. But there is no self-pity here. She has written about her life with honesty and compassion. She has experienced trauma and heartbreak. But she accepts what life brings and looks hopefully to the future instead of staying shackled to the past. She presents herself as strong, determined, and willing to learn from life’s lessons. She has written a remarkable collection of poems that are powerful in their very simplicity. Whatever trauma and pain you have endured, her poems will edify and uplift you in a positive way. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

A huge thanks to Dawn for this wonderful and thoroughly deserving review of Barbara’s work.

Please note, the EIF Kindle Title Sale will continue until 1 December 2022 inclusive, during which time you can buy Kindle versions of all EIF books for $0.99 or equivalent in your currency: the perfect time to stock up on some holiday reading!


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  1. Barbara, wow, this is certainly prize worthy! Poignant questions, strong symbolism, rich lines, and the connection to your mom, which is a connection to all women. Your attractive book arrived – I will be reading it soon. Best wishes!

  2. What a wonderful poem so poignant and rich and raw with such beautiful imagery. So heartfelt and truly opens wounds to heal. Truly beautiful and so deserving of being nominated. I’m rooting for you Barbara! Truly gorgeous. 💗

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