Archery In The UK launches early 2023!

What a year it has been for EIF, with four new titles published, and many more commissioned for 2023: the presses have barely stood still! I am about to take a much-needed break for the festive season (though I may post the odd poem or book review, I’m aiming to disconnect for the next 3 weeks as much as possible, and have some proper downtime. Please excuse me if I miss out on any reading, or take time replying to comments).

Thank you to all who have bought, read and reviewed EIF titles, contributing to making this a bestselling publishing business! I really do value your support and encouragement. Thank you to everyone I have worked with, and/or represented in print: you have all taught me so much along the way. Which leads me to the announcement of the latest EIF publication, due to roll off the presses early in the New Year:

Archery In The UK

What started out as an attempt to write a contemporary homage to Lyrical Ballads became something quite different: the poems told their own story, as poems are wont to do. The resulting book, Archery In The UK, is a poetic collaboration between myself and the incredibly talented Nick Reeves. This is a collection of mostly lyric poetry, and lovers of poetic forms should enjoy the many ballads, sonnets, pantoums and cadralore. There are other forms as well, including some we invented (or made up as we went along)! The book has been an absolute joy to write (if it didn’t, indeed, write itself), and the collaboration, a triumph. Congratulations also to Nick on his publishing successes this year, including publications with Valley Press, Gleam’s Journal of the Cadralor, and Free Verse Revolution.

Book with bridges, buildings and rainbows

Stay tuned for launch-related activities in the New Year, and have a wonderful festive season, however and whatever you celebrate!


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  1. Congratulations Ingrid & Nick .. what a magnificent looking collaborative book of poems … haha .. collaborations seem to be the flavour of the month .. my joint book with Derrick Knight is available this week… oh and I’ve done nothing about having a book launch yet !! … I’ll definitely be purchasing “Archery In The UK”

  2. Congratulations Ingrid and Nick! What wonderful news! So happy for you and your publishing house.
    You definitely deserve a break. Enjoy your time away. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you in advance. Take care. ❤️✨🥳

  3. Gorgeous cover, Ingrid. Well done! Sounds enchanting. 💞 Sure to be a success!
    Love this: “the poems told their own story, as poems are wont to do” Isn’t that the truth!
    Enjoy your holiday. 🎄

  4. Congratulations! That’s great news Ingrid! By the sound of it a much needed rest is due and I hope next year brings more exciting times as EIF continues to flourish!

  5. How wonderful. A huge congratulations to you on all of EIF’s successes this year, and to you and Nick on this new publication. I cannot wait to get a copy! Enjoy your break, and holiday season, Ingrid. All my best to you, and your family.

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