Starling Companion

Starling companions crowd the picnic table,pied wagtail hops along his waggle-dance,seagulls strut, searching for scraps of chips beside the bench:it’s spring, when all the earth wakes from a trance. Two magpies’ courtship heralds balmy summerunfolding with the turning of the yearwhile April winds blow blossoms: gently falling, petalled rainfallwhispering, still, for all the world to... Continue Reading →

A Garden, full of Birdsong

A garden, full of birdsong, bathes my mind,levelling out the aches, and furrowed creases;the iron grasp of winter lies behind, as daffodils light up the children’s faces. The meadowlark and sparrow greet the daywhile swallows on the wing, returning, flourish:The song thrush and the gentle-footed jaymake busy at their nests, their young to nourish. Lapwings, in... Continue Reading →

Where Only Love Exists

There is a place where only love existsbeneath the magic of your fingertips till all I feel is unencumbered joy,a wide-eyed pilgrim, Iseek succour herewhere only love exists. In the mossy clefts of a steep-sided valley through undergrowth, to overarching skywhere larks ascendand ravens wendtheir ragged-wingéd wayhere in this place where only love exists. On the high path... Continue Reading →

Crossing Elderslie Street, framed in flowers, February Sky

He strides, diesel-grey booted,heavy-workcoat-suited,snuggly fitting jeans,the blue-eyed boy. His face, half-serious, half-whimsical, takes it all in, half-loves, half-hates it all:detritus in the street back passages, and yesall of that human dirt. He’s ageless puckishdaydreaming about how he might frame the scenebetween the pages of his unruled Moleskinejournal.  He spreads his fingersmagpie’s wingtipscounting syllablesbeats to a bar oritems on a to-do... Continue Reading →

The Wintered Queen

Into the crystal screen, The Wintered Queenwith heart encased in ice, gazes:begins to dance throughout the changing scenewhile rain, rooftops and pavements glazes Glides over a bridge above the Tynewith a familiar strangermirror upon mirror intertwinedKing into Queen, St Nicholas to Grainger A mirage or a vision, carousel appears before them - hoverswith fairytale cast, and,... Continue Reading →

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