Beach of Dubious Pleasures #poetry

I. Peeling-paintArt-deco buildings faded glory II. Fluorescent daubsfibreglass moulding60s Alice III. Queues forma holding areaat the fall of Rome IV. Wood crackstracks held on by rusted nailsrollercoasting V. Your eyes sparklemaking the whole dayworth the entrance fee © 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Atlantic Beadlet Anemone #poetry

I found jewels in a barnacled crevicewithin the cracked rocks on Cullercoats beachteetering close to the pools like a novicesaltwater gems within reach I found gold in the liminal lightspacein the little-boy-blue of your eyesin the smile on my son’s cherubic facein the sea with its pull, with its sighs I found peace in the... Continue Reading →

The Uncaged Heart

Rattling the rugged ribs of prison-bonedefibrillated rhythm: free at lastthe uncaged heart begins to beat again Outside of time, and care, and conventionslow, steady at the outset, growing fastrattling the rugged ribs of prison-bone It skips, in love, entranced yet never chainedwith unhealthy demands, as in the pastthe uncaged heart begins to beat again Its... Continue Reading →

Birdsong #poetry

Every day, I waken to birdsong:sometimes the lark and thrush, sweet twitteringor the sparrow and the chaffinch, cheerful chatteringor the rook, cawing in raucous symphony:signature calls, all poetry to me Your touch draws out a different kind of birdsonglow moaning, from a hollow deep in metransformed through love into a holy plainsongwhere never sin, nor... Continue Reading →


The Bay has taken on the shape of summer;high-cloud clears to sparkle-tip the waves:glittering prize bequeathed to us in winterwhen ice-cold breaths warmed into brighter days I’m falling ever deeper like the surf-swellplummets towards the depths of this salt seasand underfoot I stand, glowing and grateful:golden, the love your heart has gifted me My mind’s... Continue Reading →

Time-Travelling Lovers #poetry

A sandman courting borrowed timeyou wrote, I writeyou need not borrow time, for life in love is timelessweaving in and out of centuriestwo lovers,holding hands, meet on the station platformbeneath wrought iron ribsand while they wroughtthe ribs that bridged the Tynewe watched them from the riverbank;as Cuthbert made his pilgrimage, we shadowed him;Centurions, we walked... Continue Reading →

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