A poem I wish I could write

You are a poem I wish I could writeby the light of the moon, while you’re holding me tight;in the sweet hours of dawn, huddled close to your skinthis is how we begin, this is how we begin… You are the magic on Midwinter's eveand the prayer for redemption in which we believein the darkest... Continue Reading →

The Wintered Queen

Into the crystal screen, The Wintered Queenwith heart encased in ice, gazes:begins to dance throughout the changing scenewhile rain, rooftops and pavements glazes Glides over a bridge above the Tynewith a familiar strangermirror upon mirror intertwinedKing into Queen, St Nicholas to Grainger A mirage or a vision, carousel appears before them - hoverswith fairytale cast, and,... Continue Reading →

Reborn Again

All across the land echoes a brand new mornI am reborn in you, I am rebornA frosted hand in glove, though weather-wornthaws, graven with signs of how I’ve grown I am reborn in you, I am rebornthe lake lies golden under winter’s crownthen thaws, graven with signs of how I’ve growna mirrored ice-rink glass I... Continue Reading →

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