Reading, ‘On Framwellgate Bridge In Late December’

In preparation for the release of Archery In The UK on 1 February 2023, it is my honour to present a series of readings from the book. In today’s video, I read ‘On Framwellgate Bridge In Late December’ by Nick Reeves. I hope you enjoy the reading, which should provide a taster of the beautiful poetry contained within the pages of this collection.


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  1. First off it is notable to mention, you are beaming looking radiant and gorgeous with your big smile and happiness that comes through on the video.
    What a gorgeous poem with incredible imagery and composure of words. You gave justice to Nick’s poem and I can’t wait to read and hear them all!
    So lovely, truly! ❣️

  2. I agree with Cindy that you are glowing with happiness, and Liz with the sense of place.
    A beautiful poem, beautifully read. πŸ’™
    Congratulations again to you and Nick.

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