EIF Titles on Kindle Unlimited!

If you want to read EIF titles without spending too much, you can now do this with Kindle Unlimited! For a monthly subscription fee, you can read from 1000s of titles on Kindle Unlimited, which now include all EIF Kindle e-books. Please note this is not an advert for Amazon, but EIF and its authors will receive royalties for every page read. I believe there is a monthly free trial available, so why not take advantage of this to read more of what EIF has to offer? See below for details of all available publications. Happy reading!


The Number 1 Bestselling new novel!

A Modern Classic

The inspiring story of one brave woman’s life with MND

The Pushcart-nominated Bestseller

Bestselling poetry from this popular author

The Smash-Hit Poetry Anthology of 2022!

My debut poetry collection

Eco-poetry inspired by earthweal

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  1. This is wonderful. A great opportunity. Only thing I wish to know, are the kindle books text-readable enabled? I want the books to be or I suffer on my phone. Thanks, Ingrid. Fantastic nudge to help the authors. Blessing you.

    1. πŸ€” I’m not sure what this means. I am able to read kindle books on my phone with the app! πŸ™

      1. Hi. Forgive its vagueness. Books text-readable ENABLED: I can no longer sit reading the volumes of digital books I purchase on Amazon and carry in my Kindle. But Amazon now offers certain books to be read-aloud in the Kindle App (I don’t have the Kindle Unlimited) β€” so, I LISTEN to these purchased books.
        BUT this needs to be ENABLED (somehow) behind the scenes.
        I wish this enabled function was the norm for them all; it isn’t.

        That is where my question comes from. Forgive. Hope it’s clearer now as I’ve been purchasing more books that I’m humanly able to sit and read now. Not complaining. Just want to get books I can have read to me when I sit to listen. Xoxo

        This is a fantastic opportunity to get more books AND REVIEW. thank you, Ingrid πŸ’—

  2. Seems you were just starting your publishing venture and look at all your hard work. Bravo to you and the authors, Ingrid! πŸ‘πŸ»

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