Regenesis – published in Gleam Issue 6


April evening 
the lake a pure blue sheet
a red boat moored and edged in ochre
songbirds chatter
golden, light.


Acapella dreaming, you
tapping on the kitchen floor
cut to a scene
of smoke, wraiths, dancing…

Thank you to Lori and the editorial team at Gleam for publishing this poem in Issue 6. I love the unique challenge of writing the form. I tend to write short stanzas, but branched out from 3 to 5 lines this time around.

In other news, I continue preparing Selma Martin’s delightful debut poetry collection for publication. It was such a joy to receive a thank-you letter in the post from her today, all the way from Japan! Exciting and busy times at EIF…

Special Delivery!

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