Cover Reveal: In The Shadow of Rainbows by Selma Martin

As I have said before, the presses at EIF barely stand still, and, hot on the heels of Re-create & Celebrate by Cindy Georgakas comes the debut poetry collection from Selma Martin, In The Shadow of Rainbows.

About The Author

Selma Martin is a retired English teacher with 20 years of teaching children ESL. She believes in people’s goodness, and in finding balance in simple living. She lives in Japan with her husband.

Selma started writing poetry in earnest in 2021, when took part in her first National Poetry Writing Month. She has participated in NaPoWriMo for three years in a row, honing her skills and fine-tuning her poetic craft. She is delighted to present her first poetry collection, which will be published on 15 July 2023.

About The Book

Selma has described her book as ‘a collection of songs of presence.’ In this collection, her aim is ‘to write poems of discovery and growth rooted in awareness and presence.’ As she states herself in her introductory note to the text, ‘I want to make the language simple while remaining true to the restrictions of rhyme and meter that make listening to poetry a pleasurable experience… I hope to delight my readers in lyrical prose anyone can understand.’ In this delicate and sensitive, lovingly crafted collection of poetry, Selma has succeeded in doing just that.

The beautiful cover photography is by Kathryn A. LeRoy:

Stay tuned for further updates as we head towards Publication Day!


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    1. Most appreciative for your congratulatory words, dearest Merril. Thanks for the support. Now I too want to walk the road of Greats like you and many others. xoxo

  1. This is going to be so good! I can’t believe Selma has been writing poetry for only two years. She’s a talented writer. Love the cover and title. 🌈 Will watch for updates. πŸ“—πŸ‘πŸ»

    1. It’s too early indeed to be thinking of walking the path you and other Greats are on. I know. But I’ve been on this earth pretty long now and I feel I must get started soon, or else… hehe. Age is not a downer but sometimes it’s a good reminder of how precious life is.
      My sweet, you’ve been a real angel. Thanks for supporting my efforts and blessing me with lovely encouragement. I am over the moon happy you’re by my side. My role model. xoxo I love you.

      1. You are modest and generous. 🌸 It is my pleasure to follow your inspiring journey! ✨ Best wishes and love to you, too, kind heart. πŸ’—

    1. I love the cover too. Thanks for these words, my lovely. I bless you and appreciate how welcome you have always made me feel here. Stay sweet. I love your smile. xoxo

    1. With lots of help from my friendS– the lovely cover! Thanks for pointing out you find the simplicity and charm in it pleasing to your lovely eye. I know you will find your poem in the collection just as soon as it taps your hand, Layla. Please stay tuned, my lovely amazing Writer. I bless you. xoxo

  2. Ingrid, you are by far the best, dear lady. Thanks for putting up with me. Believe it when I tell you that I have learned some great lessons already from this scary experience. I think you don’t get paid enough. I respect you and bless you: for everything. xoxo

    1. A bit tardy here. But the sentiment is still fresh: Thanks so much for the greeting, dear Nick. I appreciate you. Exciting times indeed. Bless you and I wish you miracles. xo

    1. I’m late, I’m late. But the sentiment is the same: Thanks, dear Jude. I bless you for those lovely words you gifted me. Editor Ingrid made me sound better than I am. You will see… And this experience is making me shed pounds of shyness. I’ll probably be shirtless and barefoot when this is over. I’m already revealing lots in interviews. xoxo. I bless you.

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