Like Fire

Like fire
Like flameย 
Like water
Like breathingย 

Like faith
Like hope
Something to believe in

Like ash
Like rubble
Ruins of a city

Like slaughterย 
Like laughter
Drowning, absolutelyย 

Cease fire
Cease fire
Evacuate civilians

This ire
Like fire
Has already
Murdered millions

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  1. The ripples extend throughout our country with terror attacks on both Jews and Muslims! I wonder if this is a trend in other countries.

    Thank you for your gorgeous poem, Ingrid. It is an impassioned plea to evacuate civilians. I wish some countries would be willing to accept them. I think their reasons may be economic as well as fear that terrorist might slip in among the refugees. Robert says some countries don’t want to accept them because they support their right to remain in their homeland. What do you think?

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