Salinity #quadrille #dVerse

Salt crusts from the sea-sprayrust iron railingsdown in the Bay Cling to my hair and face:if you licked me, I'd taste of the sealike Aphrodite Dapple my eyes, sendsalt, salt water rainingdown my flushed cheeks, overwhelmed by joy © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight, De hosts Quadrille, and has asked us to include... Continue Reading →

Pianist’s Villanelle #poetry #dVerse

Finger the keys, unlock the light withinfrom simple black and white, chromatic dreams come tumbling, cascade, begin again From sharp to flat to natural, unseenthe light that's sealed between the boundless seamsfinger the keys, unlock the light within On thinking of the dreams that might have beenand those now granted us, forever dreamscome tumbling, cascade, begin... Continue Reading →

Do-you-think-the-saurus? #poetry #dVerse

‘Lie down in the word-hoard,’Heaney said, ‘burrow/the coil and gleam/of your furrowed brain.’*I’ve never used a thesaurusto write poetrysometimes in my novel, when the correct-shaped wordeluded meperhaps I’m luckyI think I’ve a thesaurus in my headlayer-upon-layeryear after yearof languages, dialects and codicessome living and some dead.First it was my native Cumbrian‘Howst’ th gan on, Lass?’‘Howst’... Continue Reading →

A Turkey called Boris #poetry #dVerse

There once was a turkey called Boris and he stood on his head in a forest of sycophantic imbeciles brown-tongued, benighted ne’er-do-wells who brought their New Year offerings  to the turkey called Boris And he gobbled and gandered, guffawingto his followers, dizzied, unknowingthat a turkey, overstuffed and plump could never hope to tax, nor trump... Continue Reading →

What do normal people do? #poetry #dVerse

What do normal people do?I’ve seen them clean their carsand cut the grass.I think they watch TVand talk about the weather.I wonder if they everwonder what they’re doing here? Or if they are contentjust being normal. Where do normal people go?They go to workin some countries they go to church, or synagogue or mosque:whatever’s normalin the countrywhere they... Continue Reading →

Clay tablets from Haghia Triada #poetry #dVerse

By Y-barton - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons Their fates sealed in fire3,500 years beforewe found themat a place we now call Haghia Triadaor 'The Holy Trinity'on the plane of Mesara.I went thereyoung studentjust wanting to see where they'd been found'Dissi-looken! Dissi-looken!' pointed outa helpful local man who spoke Germanbut not English'ME-SA-RA!'He... Continue Reading →

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