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For all the blessings of my life
I’m truly grateful: for 
my children,
hopes and dreams,
my family

For the light of day, the stars at night
a place of shelter, food to eat
I’m grateful .
For my alternating health and illness 
teaching me so much 
about myself 
I’m grateful.

For more than two years of sobriety, 
for getting my kicks naturally 
I’m grateful.
For all the changing seasons of this world
and of my life
I’m grateful.

For the many places I have lived
the people I have known and loved
I’m grateful.
But most of all I’m grateful for
the all-pervading love
from which I’ve come, to which I will return
which I hope to return to all
the ones I love
I’m grateful.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

Writing a gratitude list can seem like the hardest thing when you are suffering, but gratitude is magical: it helps us to fall back in love with life again. I feel a deep love of and connection to all things on earth when I switch off my mind and meditate. So I am sharing my gratitude with dVerse tonight, where we will be reading our poems live. Come join us, and share the love!

The photograph was taken at Slavnik summit last Saturday: I just love those fluffy clouds 🙂

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  1. It always helps to list our blessings and be thankful. And once we are more evolved we thanks God for our challenges as well, so I especially liked your verse in gratitude of the lessons you have learned from your illness. Watching that clip from Pollyanna brought me back in time. 💓

    1. I have definitely learned a lot from my illness, the main lesson being never take good health for granted! I’m trying out a new treatment which seems to be helping anyway 😊 💕

  2. Sometimes it really helps to think about all the good things in our lives. Thank you for the reminder, Ingrid. And yes, to puffy clouds in a blue sky. I always feel like I can reach up and touch them when they look like that. 😀 (Something else to be grateful for).

    I enjoyed hearing you read this with your sons’s voices in the background!

    1. Particularly in today’s pandemic era. A very relevant poem. It was nice hearing you read it as well


    2. I know what you mean about wanting to grab those clouds ⛅️ and I’m glad the kids are being exposed to poetry from a young age 😊

  3. I’m grateful for your presence and gifts that inspire Ingrid and your so write… it’s not always easy especially when you’re not doing great but truly makes a difference like you do.
    love the video! 💖🤣🤗🤗

  4. I always say I’m the luckiest, richest man on earth for what I’ve got. Great family, love and loved. A warm bed and a home. Many people arnt so lucky are they.

  5. This is incredibly tender and heartfelt, Ingrid! It was wonderful to hear you read this gem at LIVE session tonight 💝💝

      1. Thank you for responding to my old poem about our son Carl. He thought he had found a lasting love back in 2009, alas it wasn’t meant to be. He was heartbroken. Special needs folks can be fragile or positive like Carl who in time overcame the pain. At the age of sixty love seems like a faraway fantasy … he maintains deep family and friends connections. All good.💙💙

  6. Such a beautiful and moving poem, Ingrid! I have great admiration for you…the accomplishments keep coming even when you don’t feel welll, and your writing is always excellent, The anthology and the readings from it are very impressive. Your support for environmental issues is laudable and a wonderful example for your sons. I could go on…

    All the best to you and your family! <3

  7. There’s a friend of mine on the blogosphere who does a gratitude journal each day. I love reading it and adding my own gratitude. So, for today, I’m grateful for traveling recycled trails speckled with brilliant leaves. I’m grateful for spaghetti dinner and for the sparkling eyes of my students and my children. ~Lovely to see you and your dear ones this afternoon.

  8. I love the glad game. It’s been so long. I’m so grateful for recycled trails freckled with fresh fallen leaves. For the sparkle in the eyes of my children and students. So grateful to have had time this afternoon to meet with the d’Versians.

  9. As they say in the rooms, a grateful drunk will never drink again … let’s add that a grateful poet will always have something to write about. Thanks for the abundant reminder.

  10. A reflective write, Ingrid. 💖 I agree with you – feeling about and writing grateful thoughts can be challenging when you are feeling anything but that, but it shifts our mindset (and life), especially when it becomes a habit. ✨

  11. Gratitude is something that we have as children but seems we must relearn with age. It lightens every load, and puts life in perspective, and you have made it very real and alive in this poem.

  12. I enjoyed reading all these sentiments, Ingrid, especially:

    “for getting my kicks naturally” – that comes with time, doesn’t it? After yo’ve tried everything else? Constantly searching for some thrill and then it’s the simplest things under your nose that do it after all! In my case, anyway (curled up with a good book and a cup of tea!!) 😀

    “For my alternating health and illness
    teaching me so much
    about myself
    I’m grateful” – I felt that <3

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