Night-blooming flowers #haibun #dVerse

Hellebores, primrose, bluebells, geranium, forget-me-not: how could I forget you? For our love bloomed in the heady time of late spring flowers, around the rising of the late-May moon. Scents of lavender and roses drifted on the air, as the Star of Bethlehem reflected the moon’s splendour, shining white.

Buttercups and poppies swayed in daytime meadows, where we lay many an hour. Bees buzzed around and above us, drunk on pollen-scented love, like nectar. But what we waited for above all were those special flowers we had planted in our garden: the ones which only opened after dark.

Night blooming flowers
opening beneath the moon
like lover’s whispers

Written for dVerse

Frank is hosting Haibun Monday, and has asked us to write haibun alluding to the ‘floral moon,’ another name for the full moon of May, because so many flowers bloom at this time in the Northern Hemisphere. I took a little artistic licence and dreamed up a heady love affair in a flower-scented garden. Join us at the bar to see where the moon takes you…

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  1. I love your artistic licence, Ingrid, and enjoyed the heady love affair in the flower-scented garden! And what a collection of flowers! I could hear the lover’s whispers in the haiku.

  2. Can’t imagine anything more wonderful than laying amongst the day flowers with a loved one, waiting for the night flowers to open. A sensory extravaganza.

  3. Yes, the moon whispers us close and then we gaze in silence. Mesmerized like so. Like the flowers giving in to the moon’s magical touch. Thanks for sharing. Lovely.

  4. I enjoyed your recollection of flowers and love blooming, especially the image fo the star of Bethlehem reflecting the moon. Night whispers blooming is a beautiful image, Ingrid.

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