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I’ve the next chapter waiting in the wings, but my son’s been quarantined because of a case of Covid in the nursery. Furthermore, the laundry’s piling up, and there are groceries to buy, and everyone needs their tea.

This is the kind of writer’s block I experience. The words are always there, but sometimes I have to ignore them. I’ll admit to sneaking off for a surreptitious writing break when the kids are watching TV. This is how I made it through two lockdowns: retreating to my writer’s lair at every available opportunity.

Sometimes I struggle to understand why other writers get blocked. I don’t ever try to force the words to come. Instead, I find a silent space, tune out and ground my senses, then I listen to the words:

faintly humming like
microwave radiation
cosmic background song

Written for dVerse

Tonight, Frank is hosting Haibun Monday, and he has asked us to write about writer’s block. It’s true that I had big plans to continue work on my novel this week, but my son has been ordered to stay home from nursery because of a case of Covid in class. Most importantly, he is well. I will enjoy the time with him, but I imagine I’ll be sneaking off for a few ‘writer’s breaks’ every now and then, while he’s happily drawing on the walls or stomping play-doh into the carpet…

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A reminder that my poem ‘So Long‘ has been nominated for Publication of the Month at Spillwords! If you like the poem, I would very much appreciate your vote: Polls close on September 30th 🙂

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      1. Don’t worry, give it 10 years and you won’t be in demand any more.

        I published a piece of flash today that I finished at 4am this morning. That’s actually a productive time of day for me. But Mondays I have no other commitments.

      2. Funnily enough, I got up at 4am to start writing…I’m a bit tired now. But thank you for reminding me about your flash as I did see it and wanted to read it!

      3. if you read one, read the father/son chat. I wrote the other one and was a bit meh. Ironically, that was the one I spent all the time on. I played with Chagall, though, which amused me at least.

    1. Agreed. I know my writing increased with the time made available by retirement. (Not to mention the muse that drew nearly 100 love poems out of me – all before we were married.)

  1. It was before blogs and poetry, but I definitely wrote books and articles while my kids played or watched TV.
    And I’ve definitely procrasti-baked 😀 or done chores instead of writing–deadlines are powerful things though.

  2. i can fully understand where you are coming from. i quit writing for 20 years to raise my children. so yes we cannot always fit in everthing that we would like,. short ditties is all i managed for a long time. nw the kids are almost ready to stand on their own feet writtins is back on the menu.

    1. I quit housework so I can raise my children and still write 🤣

      Only joking – but I do have to be regimented in my approach, to make sure I have time for everything!

  3. Oh they’re in there alright, almost always; but it’s coaxing them out (or finding the space/time to let them flow) that gets in the way. Wonderful work, Ingrid.

  4. I love your Haibun Ingrid. I understand all that you are saying. You are a busy woman with kids and housekeeping and keeping a blog going. Good for you! Keep up the good work.

  5. An interesting and insightful Haibun, which I can closely associate with Ingrid … and like you, for me the words are always there .. in the ‘microwave … under the carpet … between the sheets at night … or in the sky above my courtyard ….

  6. I am glad your son is well. I hope you were able to squeeze in a few words and get the play-doh out of the carpet. 😆 Oh, I remember those days! They were busy, exhausting, and beautiful. 💖 Your doing great mum (I love saying that). 💐

  7. So used to all the background sounds when I write, I wonder what complete silence would sound like!
    May you always find time to sneak away to your lair to write wonderfully. ❤️
    Good to know your son is doing fine. 😊

  8. If I don’t write those words down right away they always disappear. I’m glad your son is well and hope his classroom reopens soon. I always admire the way you juggle all your priorities. (K)

  9. so relieved to hear there are others who don’t suffer writer’s block … juggling motherhood must be a real challenge, I take my hat off to you and Punam!

  10. Oh how I understand what you are saying here Ingrid. I don’t believe I have ever had a moment where I sit alone in a room and are free to just write. If t ever were then maybe I could understand writer’s block. My life is all go, go, go and I find myself recording words that come to me onto my iphone for fear of not remembering them when I finally have time to write. 😧. Writing is a pure luxury for me and when I find the time I feel so wonderful ☺️💕

  11. Good to know your son is ok but I can see how there might be some writer’s block when your attention is drawn elsewhere. I hope things can ease up for you again, Ingrid!

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