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Surely this is the best time of year to be where I am, right here. I’ve never spent early summer on the Slovenian coast before. To go from Andalusia to Northern Slovenia last year was too much of a wrench, I felt that I’d been almost instantaneously robbed of summer.

In southern Spain, this time of year is sweltering. Already it’s too hot for me: the only time for outdoor activities is just before the dawn, or after sundown, and even then it stays hot all night. The beauty of spring bursting into summer happens much earlier, in late April to early May.

Right now right here is just perfect, with all the early summer flowers in bloom, and the bees having a heyday. Yet Iโ€™m a fool for feeling sad when I am happiest, knowing it canโ€™t last.

Solstice me silly
to think that summer joy could
last the whole year round

Written for dVerse

Frank is hosting Haibun Monday, and has asked us to write haibun of the solstice. Where I live, it is high summer, and my absolute favourite time of the year. I try not to spoil it for myself by thinking about how quickly it passes. I wrote a poem for the winter solstice which demonstrates how my mood can change at the opposite end of the year.

Join us at dVerse for more seasonal haibun. The bar is open!

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  1. Now the most beautiful part of summer is coming to an end here as well… but come July I will go north to seek this time again… maybe one could become a migratory bird constantly seeking an eternal early June …

  2. We’re having a spate of summer thunderstorms this week. Trees, lawns and shrubs are luscious green….and I just had a slice of watermelon for my lumch!!

  3. We’re having a spate of summer thunderstorms, and everything is so lush and green. I just had a slice of watermelon for my lunch. Ahhhhh, summer !

  4. Growing up in WA state, I suffered for most of the summers when I relocated to LA for a decade. I returned home in 1985, and couldn’t be happier. We had our air conditioning overhauled last week, and it’s 85 outside today.

    1. Hi Glenn, I hope you’re managing to stay cool! Sorry, this comment ended up in my spam so I’ve only just seen it now.

  5. Love the haiku, Ingrid. ‘Solstice me silly,’ that line tickled me. The rain just started here and it’s a huge relief as it’s been sticky the past few nights. Enjoyed.

  6. The longest day of the year is just not long enough! You do live in a gorgeous place and I love seeing and learning about it through your words and photos. Nice work with your Haibun prompt. ๐ŸŒž

  7. We seem to always be nostalgic for what we don’t have. But I think you know how to enjoy what you have, even if you know you will miss it when it passes. (K)

  8. Nothing ever lasts, good or bad, a curse and a blessing rolled into one. You’ve got the right mindset, to enjoy it while it’s here. I like how you arranged the words in the haibun.

      1. Here is is cool because it is winter, but hardly cold by northern standards, but the blood acclimatises according to science ๐Ÿ™‚ I shall fan some breeze your way.

    1. Thank you Jude! This is somewhere we went on holiday but not far from where we live. Still in Slovenia ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ

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