Sleepy Hollow by Ivor Steven #SonnetSunday

We come from a land down-underWhere men eat green pumpkin and cucumberOur bayside town is called Sleepy HollowWhere the nights are too quiet for owls and swallowsHere, Halloween spirits live beyond the outer limitsAnd are only allowed to visit at sunset's dying minutes During the full moon’s twilight zoneWe drink goanna juice from orange conesAnd... Continue Reading →

Shadows by Vinny #SonnetSunday

The candle flickers and dances with flowing grace.And is that wind that shakes the panes?My eyes close and I can see your  pallid face.Bright, now dark, blood, once flowed through your silent veins. The cold hand that used to caress with longing desire.Touches my neck and my very soul a'shivers.An eternal flame not quenched by... Continue Reading →

The Burning of Detroit by Ron Rowland #SonnetSunday

Starting somewhat harmless, some time agoSoaping, egging, other mischievous pranksThese acts then morphed into a tale of woeArson and deeds not deserving of thanks Each year on the night before HalloweenArsonists would light up Detroit with frightHouses and buildings in flames were the sceneThis devastation known as Devil’s Night Eight hundred fires in Nineteen Eighty... Continue Reading →

Frightful Fun by Benji #SonnetSunday

At Halloween, I'd like to meet a ghostbecause they're spooky and exciting too:a knight-in-armour ghoul would thrill me most;I wouldn't be scared, even if he said,'Whooo!' I'd like to take a ride on a ghost trainwith a headless driver and skeleton staffserving mice and rats fresh from the drainwith witches' brew to make passengers laugh.... Continue Reading →

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