Shadows by Vinny #SonnetSunday

The candle flickers and dances with flowing grace.
And is that wind that shakes the panes?
My eyes close and I can see yourΒ  pallid face.
Bright, now dark, blood, once flowed through your silent veins.

The cold hand that used to caress with longing desire.
Touches my neck and my very soul a’shivers.
An eternal flame not quenched by deaths glowing fire.
Nor time or the turn of the earth, from light to dark a’quivers.

My last breath, a silent whisper, a gasp then I will cease.
A sharp lovers kiss, embraced and now eternal.
Blood runs free, flowing, no death, no life nor peace.
In the shadows now infernal.

Our love will have no end, forever more entwined.
And live in darkness, lurking, to catch the unwary from behind.

Image by ELG21 from Pixabay

A story of eternal love…

From Vinny of Life is a Rusty Rollercoaster. Vinny sent me this sonnet telling me it is his first and last ever attempt, but I certainly hope it won’t be! I enjoyed this tale of haunted and eternal love with a wonderful Gothic feel to it. Reminds me of one of my favourite stories…

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  1. Thank you Ingrid! Glad you enjoyed it. Funny thing is, Kate Bush was on the radio and singing that song and it gave me the idea for the poem.

  2. Vinny, a superb sonnet! I always enjoyed scary vampire stories, and your poem was quite frightening! πŸ™‚

    I had previously failed at writing sonnets, but Ingrid’s Halloween Sonnet Festival inspired me to try again. I wrote four this month. Like you, I may not write many more. they are a challenge!

    Ingrid, I like that you have posted a very diverse collection of Halloween Sonnets! <3

  3. Thank you very much. Well it’s Halloween so you’ve got to be scared! It certainly was a challenge. And yes we’ll said! Well done Ingrid!

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