Midnight, Halloween Night by Merril D. Smith #SonnetSunday

Come midnight hour of Halloween, light
bright candles against the creatures unseen,
until the veil between the worlds cracks slight–
then ghosts, ghouls, fairies gather to convene.

The Fairy Queen rides to collect your soul,
or leaves a body in your place, a trace
of magic in the air. But ghouls take all–
eat heart and face, leave nothing to embrace.

Now watch the dark closet, near the wall–
watch it well, for shadows that come creeping
that slither and slide, float above, or crawl
across the floor, sneaking while you’re sleeping–

Fear foul beasts beside the bedβ€”fear their tread,
from me they’ve fled, they come for you instead.

I’m running away!

From the foul beasts conjured up in Merril’s poem: but where to hide? Behind the sofa does not seem safe enough. Thank you for this frightfully good Halloween Sonnet, Merril! The festival of poetry is well and truly underway, with more still to come, before we reach the midnight hour again…

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