Twitter Poetry Week 2

This was the week I discovered #TopTweetTuesday, hosted by @blackboughpoems. This is a place where many published poets share a poem via a tweet. It’s a great place to connect with other poets on Twitter, and read some great excellent contemporary poetry. I shared my dVerse quadrille ‘A dab hand‘ for my Day 12 tweet. I am still struggling with micropoetry, but practice, as they say, makes perfect…

Special thanks to David of The Skeptic’s Kaddish for the suggestion of embedding the tweets as images within this post. He is taking part in the challenge and I recommend you take a look at his weekly roundup also! Thanks also to all the other wonderful poets who are keeping me company on this challenge. Only 50 more weeks of poetry to go…

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  1. Well done Ingrid, I particular like #14.. I have a Twitter account too, but I hardly use the forum, my site here is more than I can handle.. but I just had a look at my site, most of the articles I post on Instagram also are sent to my Twitter site…@ivors20 ..😀😎

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