Twitter Poetry Week 14

Here's this week's roundup of micro-poetry for Twitter. There is no poem for Day 94: this was Sonnet Sunday and I was just too busy with sonnets to post a micropoem, but I did post two on Day 93. You may notice that my poems don't get a lot of love on Twitter. This is... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 9

9 weeks in and finally I forgot to post a poem! This is why there is no day 57. I think my mind just needed a break. Luckily, I am accompanied by many talented poets, and I am gathering together a collection of poems which will make a fine anthology by the end of the... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 2

This was the week I discovered #TopTweetTuesday, hosted by @blackboughpoems. This is a place where many published poets share a poem via a tweet. It's a great place to connect with other poets on Twitter, and read some great excellent contemporary poetry. I shared my dVerse quadrille 'A dab hand' for my Day 12 tweet.... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 1

Just before the New Year, I wrote of my 'inspiration' to write one poem in a single Tweet for every day of 2021. As I began my challenge, I realised that writing micro-poetry is not something which comes naturally to me. I am used to writing poetry which flows over several stanzas. I like playing... Continue Reading →

Drishti: A Poem about Focus

I. In order to maintain focus, choose your drishti:Hold your hands up to the skyIn mountainFocus on your thumbAnd balance: breatheThe stillnessFeel the calmnessBalance peace, release, serenity. II. Focus on your browboneLet your gaze sink backInto skull-socketsSee the colour at the edge of lightBehind your eyelids:Spiritual eyes openPhysical eyes closedTo glimpse the light which brings... Continue Reading →

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