Twitter Poetry Week 14

Here’s this week’s roundup of micro-poetry for Twitter. There is no poem for Day 94: this was Sonnet Sunday and I was just too busy with sonnets to post a micropoem, but I did post two on Day 93. You may notice that my poems don’t get a lot of love on Twitter. This is either because a) they’re not very good (and I accept they may not be!) or b) I don’t devote a lot of time to Twitter engagement. I couldn’t possibly devote as much time to Twitter as I do to WordPress. But, as with any such endeavour, you get out what you put in. Thank you for your support with this challenge, especially to those taking part in it with me!

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  1. I love poem 2, day 93 and yes i would love to know the rules ! I also never go on twitter, don’t even know how to get there, but I have no doubts about the poetry it really is good.

    1. Exactly, I think to professional Twitterers they use it like we use WordPress, making friends and having lots of interesting conversations!

      1. Also on Instagram from what I hear. I’m too scattered already. Technology has done great things, but it eats up time and also makes life more frantic I think. Even as a mother with young children working freelance I, and my children, had time to just be–unplanned, uninterrupted. That’s no longer possible.

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