Slovene Cuisine #5: Kranjska Klobasa

Kranjska klobasa literally means 'sausage from the Kranjska (Carniola) region.' It is an authentic Slovene product which has gained worldwide fame and popularity. Read on to find out more about Slovenia's most iconic sausage! Origins and ingredients of the Kranjska Klobasa Kranjska klobasa gained 'Protected Geographical Indication' status in 2015, meaning that a sausage can... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Slovenia #28: Piran

Piran is the Venetian jewel of Slovenia's picturesque coastline. Though we've paid a flying visit here in an earlier postcard, this unspoilt historic town is certainly worth a closer look. History of Piran St George's Church The earliest surviving written reference to Piran as a town dates from the 7th century A.D., at which time... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Slovenia #26: Logarska Dolina

You will find the pristine glacial valley of Logarska Dolina hidden away in Slovenia's Kamnik-Savinja Alps to the north of Ljubljana. Unlike the tourist hotspots of the Julian Alps, this area boasts no lakes nor flashy tourist resorts: there are only lush meadows, crystal clear rivers and steep soaring mountains rising almost vertically from the... Continue Reading →

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