The Night We Talked

Do you remember that night, the night we talked?

It was a fine and starlit night. Somewhere backstage, a salamander sounded the depths of the night, his mating call a sonar probe, rebounding and marking out the limits of our world.

We didn’t need a territory greater than this, delineated by his echoing mating call: the world was there within us, and the universe, reflected endlessly within your eyes and mine.

We talked: the subject matter was not important, only the stars, mapping out the limits of the galaxy, pointing to other galaxies beyond; worlds within worlds.

You told the story of your life, and I told mine. I won’t bother to recount it here. We all have life stories, but what we shared, the night we talked, was something greater. It was not in the words, but in the space between the words: like the space between the stars, appearing empty, yet teaming with subatomic life.

They say dark energy accelerates the break-up of the universe: dark forces are at work, pushing us apart. But I say dark energy is also the unknown force which will bring us back together, at the end of space and time.

Just as we were together then, with space and time suspended, on the night we talked.

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