The Bay has taken on the shape of summer;high-cloud clears to sparkle-tip the waves:glittering prize bequeathed to us in winterwhen ice-cold breaths warmed into brighter days I’m falling ever deeper like the surf-swellplummets towards the depths of this salt seasand underfoot I stand, glowing and grateful:golden, the love your heart has gifted me My mind’s... Continue Reading →

Dreamers’ Delights #poetry #poem

Your eyes, the colour of the North Sea on a stormy dayyour teasing smile, and all the sunshine in it Your dreamer’s profile, tracing outlines of the blue-eyed boywhose Artist’s hands trace pleasures without limit Your shape, aligned with mine, in sacred sleepingtime out of mind, the rhythm of our dreaming © 2022 All Rights Reserved.... Continue Reading →

Love on The Tracks #poetry #Valentine

When the carriage rolls bumpily over the bridge across the Tyne, and you hold me steady so that I feel none of the impactmy heartsafe within its carriage knowsyou are the one When the rain rattles the skylight windowpanesand pelts the Metro as wegreet the sea againsheltered in one another’s armswheels trundling sing the lullaby of You... Continue Reading →

City of Departed Dreams

Forget Paris, forget Venice, forget Rome... For me, the most romantic city in the world is Liverpool. Dreams of long-departed emigrants hang in the dockside air; ever expectant; awaiting transportation to the New World. I can almost hear their chatter on the docks. Maybe it's from the many visits to the Maritime Museum as a... Continue Reading →

The Night We Talked

Do you remember that night, the night we talked? It was a fine and starlit night. Somewhere backstage, a salamander sounded the depths of the night, his mating call a sonar probe, rebounding and marking out the limits of our world. We didn't need a territory greater than this, delineated by his echoing mating call:... Continue Reading →

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