Guest Post: Adrian the Unloved by Valdis Stakle

Today’s guest post comes from the unique mind of Valdis Stakle, who does not have his own blog, but perhaps he should?

In addition to writing flash fiction, he paints impressionistic portraits of the characters in his head. For more details you can contact him at

Adrian the Unloved

Adrian, by Valdis

All his life Adrian sought love but found none. At best a brief interlude quickened his heart. Then he tasted the pain of unrequited love.

Eventually through a combination of loneliness and despair he lost his mind and fell in love with a lamppost. Each day he would visit bearing gifts (a ribbon; a rose) whispering sweet nothings to the mute and static column.

In time his ardour grew. He wished to consummate his love. But how?

He procured a rope and stood on the battered suitcase containing his whole world. He threw the rope over the top of the lamppost, secured a noose around his neck and hanged himself.

Stella, Adrian’s penultimate love (the one before the lamppost) was also unhappy. She felt no love for Adrian though she dearly wished she could. She longed for an answer to her problem. Eventually she found it.  Her solution was simple. She fell in love with her dog.

Unlike Adrian Stella felt no need for consummation in her love, though had she done so it might have been easier for her than it had been for him. Nevertheless love the dog she did. Her days at work were spent thinking of him. She longed for each day to end so she could be with him once more. He slept at the foot of her bed, well fed pampered and enjoying her adoration which he returned in his simple dog like way. And so their life went on. Stella and her dog were happier than many married couples…..

(c) Valdis Stakle, 2020

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    1. I’ll let you into a little secret…he’s my dad! He’s not very tech savvy but he’s brill so I’ll help him get set up once we get settled in our new home!

      1. That’s so wonderful Ingrid! So it would seem, you’re a chip off the old block then! Brilliant… and yes, you should help put some of his work into the public domain! 👏 👏

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