Easter Sonnet Sunday #3: At Easter Time by Valdis Stakle

At Easter time I first did meet my love
She came to me one night when it was spring
Descended, so it seemed, from high above
She sang a song that she alone could sing

At first my mind was riven, filled with fear
My feelings clouded by a troubled mind
But then her love it shone so bright and clear
I knew that it was love, oh yes, and kind

So I surrendered to her phantom charm
Embraced her love so simple, so sincere
I knew this love would never cause me harm
The light that shone from her was bright and clear

At Easter time I felt the fire of life
That ended with my taking of a wife

A sonnet of finding love at Easter time!

Thank you, Valdis, for this fine spring love sonnet, which is charming indeed! Valdis lives in the UK, and since his retirement dedicates most of his leisure time to his artwork, including the image used to illustrate this post. Further examples of his work can be found at Instagram.

Valdis also writes poetry and short fiction. He has guest posted at this site, and is two-time winner of the EIF Poetry Challenge!

9 thoughts on “Easter Sonnet Sunday #3: At Easter Time by Valdis Stakle

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  1. I love the sonnet, Valdis.
    But the painting is exquisite!
    The detail in the clothes – how they hang –
    the colours and the creases.

      1. Yes, really. It’s kind of Mexican, is it? – sort of widdershins to the day of the dead; if that makes any sense?

  2. Thanks to Nick and Ingrid for your kind comments on my painting.. All my paintings are works of the imagination based on my earlier drawings from the same source. I have been drawing all my life. The paintings are a more recent development and I feel as though I am still a novice in that medium. It fills in the free time which retirement has granted to me !

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