My poem ‘Galaxies’ published at Free Verse Revolution

Today I’m very proud to announce the publication of another of my poems at Free Verse Revolution. If you haven’t visited this site already, it’s a must for all poetry lovers. You can also submit your own work for a chance to have your poetry featured on the site.


If all the World’s a stage
Then all the Solar System’s an arena
And the Galaxy
A TV broadcast to
One thousand million souls;

And if we move beyond
We find the galaxies are all joined

By filaments
Like fragile strands
Of silent cyber-talk.

Head over to Free Verse Revolution to read the full text.

Best wishes,

30 thoughts on “My poem ‘Galaxies’ published at Free Verse Revolution

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  1. β€œWhere no sound carries, nor

    Can any light escape the gravity”

    So so beautiful Ingrid. You’ve crafted this with such subtle beauty.

  2. I just hopped over to FVR and read the rest β€” beautiful! You pick your words and images so well. It’s a dazzling trip through the cosmos.

      1. Haha. I’m sure he would approve. All those space and physics words are really beautiful.

  3. Congratulations Ingrid dear. I loved reading this poem. It was a play of wonderful imagery with hands on metaphors. I must tell you how wonderful your blog seems to become with each and every writing. Your words are so light but they set in the heart like etchings, forever and ever.
    Peace to you till the galaxies cease to exist. We after all are little specks in the universe, but look at what we have done! Just wonders.
    Really, very happy to see you with this poem.

    1. Dear Shanyu, thank you for your beautiful comments! I am so happy you enjoyed the poem and are enjoying my blog – I will keep writing more for as long as I am inspired! Peace and love to you πŸ™

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