‘Strawberry Picking at Pokljuška Soteska’ published at Spillwords Press

Another exciting announcement! Today, my poem ‘Strawberry Picking at Pokljuška Soteska’ has been published by Spillwords Press. I found out about Spillwords from a blogging friend, and one of my favourite contemporary poets, Gabriela Marie Milton. If you haven’t already done so, please visit her fantastic website where you can find some examples of her exceptional work. She has also published a poetry collection, Passions which is available on Amazon and I recommend this book highly for all lovers of sensual poetry rich in imagery and suffused with emotion.

I just want to say a special thank you to Gabriela for the many kind words she has had to say about my poetry. These words have come when I have most needed to hear them, and encouraged me to keep on going, when I might have felt like giving up. Thank you as well to everyone who reads and enjoys my poetry; your encouragement means so much to me, and I wouldn’t be writing if it wasn’t for you.

Strawberry Picking at Pokljuška Soteska

One day
After many a heartache
We will simply walk
Into the wooded confines of the gorge
Searching for strawberries
Gems of sweet delight
Hidden amongst the swaying grass and leaves

Visit Spillwords Press for the full text.

Notes on the Poem

As the name suggests, I wrote this after visiting Pokljuška Soteska, a beautiful gorge in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. If you want to know more about it, you can read my Postcard from Slovenia dedicated to this place. I actually started writing the poem whilst walking: I find I often do this; perhaps the combination of being inspired by nature and the natural rhythm of my walking lends itself well to composition.

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