‘Keyword Search’: Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry

It was a day to be borne.
Sometimes days are like that:
Got to be borne,
Born to be got through.
Sometimes whole stretches of time are like that:
One day, then the next day
Then the next day after that
On and on
‘Keep on keepin’ on’
Because they can’t go on without you
In the sweltering heat which
Wouldn’t rain
Complaints, always and 
Nothing was good enough 
At the end of the day, she
Wouldn’t look at him
But only at her phone
‘What are you looking for in there?’ He said.
She said
One single word:
She said.
That’s good enough.

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  1. Ingrid…. just wonderful. Truly. The form, the use of born and borne, the way the integral meaning is warn. The final lines! Beautiful work.

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