You in my dreams: A new #poem published at Free Verse Revolution

I met you in the food court
Of the shopping-mall, that
Cathedral of commercialism, there
Were chintzy flowers on the restaurant wall
Where I said
I would help
You find a woman, but
Where were the women?

Visit FVR for the full text, where this month’s theme is ‘nightmares and dreams.’ This stream-of-consciousness poem is inspired by a dream I had once upon a time. There have been many fantastic responses to this prompt, and I highly recommend you hop over there and have a read. Thanks to Kristiana for publishing, and for all the great work she does over at FVR!

Quick note: I may be posting lighter than usual over the following week or so as I have a family holiday. I will still bring you the results of the EIF Poetry Challenge on Tuesday. Please excuse any delays responding to comments, giving feedback, etc. I look forward to catching up when I get back!

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  1. Yes I agree, some great words… though sending a smile for your well deserved holiday Ingrid. Have a lovely time! We are doing the same tomorrow! Do adventures and ice cream lie ahead! Have fun.

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