Return to School – #Haibun

My children return to school tomorrow. Or rather, start their new schools in a new land. Since they last attended, there’s been worldwide pandemic, a 3-day relocation, a new country and a new language to get to grips with.

My youngest should do just fine: he’s so used to hearing different languages they merge into a linguistic froth or soup from which he picks the words he needs. My eldest’s an excellent communicator in 3 languages so far and he’s made great progress with Slovenian over summer.

But how shall I fare? Part of me has longed for hours of peace and quiet so I can write. Another part of me is filled with dread: the sing-song of their voices all day long replaced with empty silence. My best friends, conspirators in fun, making new friends while I am left alone. Still I wish them all the joy school days can bring:

Off you go children
New horizons await (I)
Embrace your return

I was planning to use this for dVerse Haibun Monday, but these turned out to have an entirely different theme: hiking. So I wrote another, as I do like to hike. Tonight I am offering two Haibun for the price of one!

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