My Son, the Skywalker

In the end, you have to let goand trust your own instincts, and theirs.He was confident he could, and I was confident he'd manage, but could Ibear to watch my baby, only ten years old,up thereabove me,striding through the sky? On his face, and in his movements I sawdeterminationconcentrationconfidenceand self-control. But, between the trees, above... Continue Reading →

Quick coffee – a short #poem

Quick coffee and thenclean the toiletquick coffee and then wash the clothes Quick coffee andkeep everybody happyquick coffee, doas every woman does: What of my dreamsand my desireswhich would read something like this? Quick coffee andwrite poetryquick coffee and thenread all morning long: Quick coffee, kiss the childrenquick coffee, wipe their faces cleanquick coffee, try to focus... Continue Reading →

Putting your own mask on first

It's been used so much in the self-help world that it's become something of a cliche: the analogy of putting your own mask on first as a metaphor for self-care. However, this analogy has a special significance when it comes to recovery from alcoholism, or any other kind of addictive behaviour, particularly as this relates... Continue Reading →

Return to School – #Haibun

My children return to school tomorrow. Or rather, start their new schools in a new land. Since they last attended, there’s been worldwide pandemic, a 3-day relocation, a new country and a new language to get to grips with. My youngest should do just fine: he’s so used to hearing different languages they merge into... Continue Reading →

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