Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #4

Not one, not two, but 3 poems for the price of one today, from Don Matthews of The Flippant, Comic, and Serious. Don writes his madcap poetry from his homeland Down Under, with his mate Skip on security detail. Don’t mess with Skip. As you can see from the image above, he’s no pushover…

I Want to Push My Mind to Do

I want to push my mind I do
Fly way outside my box
Produce a bit of poetry
That’s quite unorthodox

A poem that is orthodox
Is nice and safe and rhymy
It upsets no conventionalists
Is definitely not grimy

So what’s my mind come up with
That’s way outside my box
It still is thinking, would you believe
It’s only brought me socks

I struggle and I juggle
To get it out of me
But wait, I see a tunnel light
It’s shining down on brie

My boxless mind’s not let me down
It’s come up with a cheese
It’s rather quite unorthodox
Of which I’m very pleased

Don Matthews
July 2017

Oddish Gardener

I am an oddish gardener
Pull weeds for pennies (not pounds)
An oddish range of clients
Form my usual round

This morning drove to street-end
My feet did not feel right
Looked down. I’m still in slippers
No boots at all in sight

You see my fellow bloggers
Rhyme’s so addicted me
The next thing I’ll be driving out
With pants gone absentee

Don Matthews
March 2019

Edgar What?

I write a lot of rubbish
Trivia and twat
I love alliteration

Thankyou Edgar


It takes years of training to write quality rubbish like this….

Don Matthews
May 2020

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Thank you Don, for another sparkling contribution! Nice to know your pants are still in place, at least for the time being…

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  1. As Ingrid says, Skip is my security guard. Say nice things about me and all’s OK. Call me a silly old Aussie and you’re likely to get a swift thump with his tail. I tell you a thump from a big red is not nice. OK he looks mean (thanks to Ingrid’s keen photographic eye) but he has a heart of gold. Don’t you Skip? thump thump.

    Find out about Skip and our long bondship here

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