‘Jack-o-Lantern’ published at Spillwords Press today

Today my Halloween poem, ‘Jack-o-Lantern’ is published at Spillwords Press. You may have already read it on this site, but I am very grateful to Spillwords for bringing my Halloween message to a larger audience:

This Halloween
the sky may well appear
the colour of the carved-out pumpkin’s eye;
perhaps not time to celebrate
but high time that we start to question why…

Continue reading at Spillwords.Com. And if you’re in the US, please don’t forget to vote!



🎃🎃🎃 This week’s EIF Poetry Challenge is a Halloween Special – deadline midnight CET on Friday: I look forward to receiving your entries! 🎃🎃🎃

56 thoughts on “‘Jack-o-Lantern’ published at Spillwords Press today

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  1. Oh , please vote him out. We in Canada cannot stand him too. It would be an Armegeddon nightmare if he wins another 4 years 🙁

  2. I once referred to #45 as “the Great Pumpkin”; you dub him Jack-O-Lantern. I fear we are both being too kind. His “orangeness”,according to insiders, comes from a can of “bronze spray” he habitually uses. He is raving like a lunatic, seeing his loss speeding down on him.

  3. I’m hoping it’s not already too late. He’s infected society, subverted Truth, and Trust flew out the window ages ago, It’s dark; very dark. I’m voting we turn on the Lights, but I’m afraid it’s too late.

      1. I may be a Clown
        Or even Potatto
        But like all my Subjects
        Sometimes I fartatto

        Note Caps. I’m Top Dog. Cap TD


        Gawd…what’s got into him?…..

  4. kaykula
    Nor could I guess his heart’s desire:
    Perhaps to set the world on fire?
    Please stop him, if you can.

    Great reminder Ingrid. It seems appropriately relevant to the impending November reelection. Despite rumblings of negative opinions somehow though the situation on the ground seems favouring him!


  5. Jason and Freddie and Chucky all rolled into one epic movie would not frighten more than another 4 years with pumpkin head. Haha! I hope America is not a freak show much longer, sad and funny.

  6. A poetic horror show that is a political reality. It must be the orange images that do it. I hope there is a clear win for Biden but I fear that too many like his brand of horror.

      1. Boris I am Leader
        Of our great UK
        Don’t sweat, don’t worry people
        It’s gonna be OK

        Together me and Donald
        Will make our countries great (again)
        Don’t worry we are working onnit
        Perhaps a little late

        Have faith…..

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