Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #5

Today I bring you another 3 poems from Aussie Poet Don Matthews of The Flippant, Comic, and Serious. Don is a regular contributor to this site, and he writes poetry which is often of a humorous bent, but with a serious twist. Visit his site to find out more! This week, Don is inspired by some chirpy fluffy birds, amongst other things…

Prayer and God Will Protect Me From Corona

Trump calls for churches to open – regardless.” In America we need more prayer not less”

Must go to my church coming Sunday
Mix close with the people and pray
To God who’ll protect me and save me
And keep corona virus away

Attending my church is more important
More important than staying at home
My God will protect me regardless
Regardless what I do on my own

Don Matthews
May 2020

Chirpy Fluffy Birds

I named my website Flippant
Serious and Comic
Had to change the order
To rhyme it with atomic

Well done Don…

A well-trained poet, I get my thrill
From playing round with words
Rhyming words of wisdom
Like chirpy fluffy birds


Takes year and years of practice
To rhyme word ‘word’ with ‘bird’
Include a deep, deep meaning
Meaning no-one’s heard

You’ve lost me….

Don Matthews
May 2020

How ‘Bout Dat

Our streets, now all abandoned
Have found a home for rats
Not one or two, but gangs of them
Well I’ll be how ’bout dat

Fret not you unemployed ones
We need more catcher-rats
To rid us of these furry fiends
Well I’ll be how ’bout dat

Last week it was a kangaroo
Who jumped through CBD
Much cuter than a gang of rats
How ’bout dat, well I’ll be

Don Matthews
May 2020

Don’s mate Skip gets some exercise during lockdown…

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