Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #6

Today, Aussie Poet and regular guest contributor Don Matthews of The Flippant, Comic, and Serious is bemoaning the destruction of paradise in the name of progress, touring the constipations, and reflecting on the contrasts between the flippant and serious sides of his poetry. Grab yourself a ‘tinny’ and to enjoy the show, but don’t get too rowdy or security man Skip (pictured) will have something to say!

They Came, They Saw, They Concreted
(Nothing much has changed Joni)

This track into town is so bendy
Trying to avoid all the trees
Our car’s getting rattly and dusty
Mr Politician what can you do please?

(Because I want to get re-elected)
And be seen as a pro-active type
To the Minister of Roads I have given
Your request, and your problem, your plight

Thankyou Mr Politician….

Good heavens it was only yesterday
That we lodged our complaint and request
They’ve come and they’ve seen and they’ve concreted
What Politician and Minister thought best

Where have all the trees gone?……

Noisy speeding cars. Much more traffic….

All in the name of progress?….

More roads = more cars. Insane

Don Matthews

May 2020

Nothing much has changed Joni

Colin Carpenter, Australian Constipations Expert

Colin (not a carpenter)
True blue Aussie guy
Expert in the constipations
Spread across the sky

Where did he learn such knowledge
About our southern sky?
He went to university
And dat my friends is why

Asked ’bout many questions
He told us what he knew
Well done Colin Carpenter
Aussie through and through

Don Matthews

October 2020

T and T

Some of my verse is quite flippant
Some of it’s flippantly not
Others are quite deadly serious
Much is just twiddle and twat


Go home…

Don Matthews

May 2020

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  1. Gee Ingrid, that security Skip of his looks docile but get a look at those claws!. Got me tinny, roll the show and I promise to be quiet as a mouse.

    Like the videos he’s included time. Are they all as dumb as Colin down there Ingrid?….

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