The Quarantine Diaries #31: Time to Schedule!

My eldest son’s school have now confirmed that lessons will be taking place from home next week. In other words, I’m to be the teacher. This will present several unique challenges, namely:

  • My son needs help with Slovenian in order to complete the lessons. I can help, but I’ll be teaching myself at the same time, as I don’t have the necessary vocabulary at the moment.
  • There is supposed to be an online conference with the teacher once a day. I hope I am able to understand everything she says.
  • I have a three year old. A very active, energetic three-year-old boy. How I’m going to keep him entertained while tutoring my almost-eight-year old I’ve no idea.
  • On the plus side, I will get to assess my son’s educational needs and (hopefully) teach him outside of the curriculum, at least when it comes to English. Last time around, we read The Tempest. Never to early to introduce a bit of Shakespeare! To be honest, I would love tutoring him if I had someone to look after my younger son (and potty train him!) while I was doing it. It would also be much easier for me if all the lessons were in English…

As you can see from the above, I’m going to be rather busy through the daytime. I have no plans to abandon this blog, however, far from it. I just think for my own sanity it would be good to have a schedule. So this is how Experiments in Fiction is going to look for the next few weeks and months, if all goes according to plan:

  • Monday: Reserved for Guest Posts/dVerse*
    Tuesday: dVerse
    Wednesday: EIF Poetry Challenge
    Thursday: dVerse
    Friday: Postcards from Slovenia
    Saturday: Slovene Cuisine
    Sunday: The Quarantine Diaries/Reflections

Now I have a schedule, I feel better already 😅This is the minimum I’m going to aim for over the homeschool period. I’ve asterisked dVerse because I may not respond to every prompt posted in the poets’ pub, depending on how busy I am with other things. There could be additional posts on any day, but these are my regular items. And if you would like your work to feature in the guest post slot, just contact me for submission enquiries.

I hope you are managing to stay calm and balanced in these trying times! I, for one, am trying my best.

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  1. Bonne courage Ingrid – I think that’s so much more what I mean than good luck. Stay strong and be reasonable with your expectations of yourself and the kids. I’m bracing myself for the same here if not before Christmas, after if things carry on the way they’re going. Hugs xx

  2. There will definitely be a lesson on modes of sea travel Ingrid. To help with your boy’s Slovenian can i suggest an important phrase often used in sea travel circles.

    ‘Moje vozilo na zračni blazini je polno jegulj’

    I believe you’ve already done some research into this. You can follow up by asking ‘how many?'(for homework).

    Yes, you are going to be a busy girl……

  3. Good luck with your increase load as a teacher too. Yikes! No clue how you are posting that many days.. I find 3 enough and 2 could be better at times.. time wise.. So just remember you can cut back and still be active.. Sending you good wishes.. ❤️❤️🙏

    1. But Cindy you are so good at engaging with others ❤️❤️❤️ I will try to keep that going even if I’m not posting so much…but the truth is I’m addicted to writing!

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