dVerse Haibun Monday: Old Friends

This near-winter time of year when the nights draw in: I never was a big fan. In fact, typically sadness, fear and age-old anxiety would always hit around this time. I had a taste of it in October, when many days were overcast and cloudy, but oh, what a cold and crystal clear November we’ve been treated to this year.

I have been drawing strength from every beam of sunshine, from sun-up to sundown. Make sure I do my sunlight salutations (though never at the right time): Dearest sun, my old friend, I salute you.

It was after sundown just the other night, however, that I felt a presence almost tapping at my bedroom window. And when I peeked through the cracks in the blinds I saw a twinkling: as if in the eyes of myriad old friends. As if to say: there are more suns in the sky than good-old familiar Helios.

As sunlight leaves us
celestial friends blink signals
winter semaphore.

Written for dVerse Haibun Monday, where Kim is hosting and has asked us to take inspiration from Dylan Thomas and write a haibun ‘about a time when you last watched stars, a storm, the sea, an animal, or something else in nature that left you with a sense of wonder or awe.’

I’m always filled with wonder when I take in the beauty of nature all around me, but I often neglect to appreciate the beauty of the night sky.

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  1. Like you, I am no fan of winter, yet like you too, there is beauty to be found at any time of year. And yes, the luminaries of the night sky are certainly wondrous this time of year on a clear night. Well done.

  2. I walk out late every evening to look at the stars. It’s a sight I never tire of. It’s cold, yes, but at night it’s more bearable than in the day when it’s supposed to be warm!

  3. This was magical–a lovely reminder. Thank you! I seldom go out in the night–especially now, since we don’t go out anywhere. I’m also not a fan of winter darkness, but the stars–and the moon–are special.

    1. Thank you Gillena, I’m having trouble commenting on your blog again, but I enjoyed your wedding scene and your description of the moon’s vanity!

  4. As much as I love the winter, I wish it could be a brighter season. Sadness is associated with it but it’s truly something when you can look at the nature around you, no matter the time or the season, and appreciate its existence. Beautiful penning. 🙂

  5. Cold winter nights tend to send us indoors where it’s warm and cosy, rather than walking out in the dark. It’s safer to stargaze from indoors. I love the thought of stars tapping at your bedroom window, Ingrid – it reminds me of Oliver Jeffers’ book, How to Catch a Star, one I love to read to Lucas – and the winter semaphore is brilliant!

  6. I love winter darkness! There is something distinctly soothing about the way the night engulfs during this period 🙂

  7. Even as a child, I hated Winter, in this land of a thousand hills covered in ice. I was never a fan of “winter sports”. I once wrote a poem about strangling snowflakes.

  8. We often fail to take the time to appreciate the wonders that are there for us every single day! Great haibun.

  9. Such lovely thoughts in your poem and salute to the night as you find light in the twinkeling stars. It’s lovely you are finding more light internally as well as you do your sun salutations!

  10. You remind me of how beautiful starlight is. I rarely see many stars here – there is too much brightness in the sky from street lights. Your haibun makes me want to get away into the wilderness.

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