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Seven Sisters road runs from
somewhere intersecting the
sweep of Holloway Road and
slightly seedily on to
South Tottenham, travelling
South West to North East: never
speak of starlight, City blind.

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

Written for dVerse Poetics: Stars that count. Laura is hosting tonight and has asked us to write a ‘Pleiades poem.’ I found this incredibly hard, but had to try.

I used to live in Finsbury Park for a short while and often found myself commuting by bus along Seven Sisters road. Not a chance of seeing the Pleiades from this location, but this kind of fits with the struggle I had writing this form!

And here’s a song about city lights outshining the stars:

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  1. Simply sensational Ingrid. That is why I love the wild. When you look up the whole of the universe is opened wide for you. Amazing how that overhead photo looks like the nervous system of a living organism.

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