Don Matthews Trilogy #11

Join us for another visit to Don from Down Under today, who’s mate (Skip?) is feeling the urge whilst driving in the bush, before things take a more serious turn. Visit The Flippant, Comic, and Serious for more comedic poetry with a serious and thought-provoking twist.


Was out in bush the other day
Driving with me mate
When great big urge came over him
Which just would not abate

He took off into the sand dunes
To dig himself a hole
We had no toilet paper
(Forgot to bring a roll)

I said whatever did you use
To clean yourself with mate?
Sand, he said. How did it work?
Grate, grate, grate

Don Matthews March 2020

No “Oans, Zwoa, G’suffa” this Year

No bottoms up in Bavaria
No bottoms up this year
Corona’s upset the applecart
No schmear, no cheer, no beer

Don Matthews April 2020

She Screamed for Help but you did Nothing

You heard her scream for help
But no-one ever came
You heard her screams of anguish
Her life’s now ended, slain

Why did you not investigate?
Find why she was in pain?
Because of this she now lies dead
Yes, hang your head in shame

It seems society has changed
Not like it used to be
I cringe at what it’s coming to
I cringe at what I see

As poet I can’t change the world
Can’t change society
All I can do is document
What I observe, I see

Don Matthews April 2020

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