Guest Post: Don Matthews Christmas Special!

This week, our Aussie poet friend has donned (‘scuse the pun) his Santa suit to celebrate its being the Season to Be Jolly. Surely this is the most wonderful time of the year for someone so Flippant, Comic, and Serious! Even his petulant puss Priscilla (pictured) has entered into the Christmas spirit. I hope this post will give you something to ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ about…

Ho Ho Ho Now No No No

Santa + Priscilla
Priscilla keeps Santa company

I was a Father Christmas
Ho ho-ing in the store
I wanted to repeat it
Now ho ho ho no more

This jolly covid virus
Has mucked up all I’d planned
It seems to like us oldies
So this year I’ve been banned

They’re wanting only young bloods
And no more sit-on-knees
“Why are you so much thinner Santa?”
(Don’t ask this question please)

Don Matthews
December 2020

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Should’ve stayed off the bubbles…

‘Twas the night before Christmas
When I got his text
That Santa would visit me
‘Round planet (convexed)

No longer he’s guided
By stars (lots of guess)
Tech reps have caught up with him

(Meter changes – sorry)

I’m waiting here for Santa
It’s three o’clock in morn
(I’m yawning now but never mind)
He said he’d come by dawn

Santa shares Christmas Joy with Linda

Then just before I nodded off
He came through door (not chim)
Looking quite bedraggled
Had lost his phone (with SIM)

I added two and two together
And yes, came up with four
Linda’s house across the street
Had lights on, open door

Santa makes a special trip all the way each Christmas to see me.
I must mean something special to him…..

Don Matthews December 2019

Happy Snowflake Christmas

Happy snowflake Christmas
Wherever you’ve got snow
Down Under here in Adelaide
Ours melted long ago

Don Matthews
December 2019

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  1. 😂😂Another great trilogy from our Aussie friend!
    I looked out of ‘winder
    Saw Santa with Linda
    Dirty old man
    I think Santa is Stan!

    ‘winder’…Yorkshire for ‘the window’
    Stan…..Don’s famous repair man

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