Apoc-eclipsed: #poetry #Earthweal

Let’s hope that 2020 won’t become
when catastrophic climate change takes hold:
We’ve placed our lives on hold, still, not enough
to save us from our epidemic greed.
Let’s pause, take heed, consider how we might avoid
the worst of this.

It lies in understanding that the way we live our lives
needs shaking up:
We hide under our duvets watching Netflix, in a fix
while politicians place pipelines for millionaires 
all in the name of progress, draining carbon sinks
accelerating our arrival at 

And if we dare to raise objections
we are told we act unlawfully 
though nature’s laws are fundamental, deep,
unmoving and unmoved by spin or lobbying deceit.
Even those who would shield themselves within the walls
of so-called ‘law and order’ also
stand to fall.

I’m feeling quite apoc-eclipsed right now,
my little voice demands a fairer future 
for my kids, which would in fact
be any kind of future we can save:
But if we join together and unite in this
our voices’ surge can crash into the shores of ignorance 
with the tsunamic power of a tidal wave.

I live in hope…

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Written for Earthweal

This started off as a much shorter poem for Twitter, but I realised it felt unfinished, so I’ve finished it up here! Posting for Earthweal’s Open Link Weekend #51.

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  1. Oh such a great poem and I couldn’t agree with you more but I missed the Netflix fix so I may just have to go under cover for a bit and then come out fighting and uniting.
    You’re back,.,., 🤗 I’ll be back tomorrow.. or was I ever gone? 🤣 I just didn’t write or did but didn’t share.. 🤣. From on WP junkie to another. love you girl!❤️

    1. Happy New Year Cindy! Love you too ❤️ I am just as guilty as anyone else on the Netflix thing so thought maybe if I call myself out I’ll get off my ass and do something about it!

      1. Thank you so much Ingrid. Awww I know you do and I warmly feel it through the ethers. Thank you. 🤣🤣 I love it, I can;t figure out how to find time for it,,,wish i could seriously! ❤️

      1. They will. Don’t worry. Things are never quite as apocalyptic as the press or our politicians would have us believe. Humanity will always shine through in the end! 🧡

  2. I feel exactly the same way…..leaders talk comfortably about 2030 targets which is much too far away……..did you hear about the methane explosions in Russia? Methane under the earth is exploding now the ground is thawing. Politicians who thought pro-actively dealing with climate change was too expensive have no idea what is coming down the road. Not enough money in the world to deal with it.

  3. I get apoc-eclisped, gripped in a sort of apoplexy of the cursed — a deer in a speeding future’s headlights — it’s a suffocating mood. Why bother even writing about it? It is a living connection to the time, and carries seeds of something on its dark wings. I trust for you to that the process brings you to a shore worth working and walking and waking on. The alternative is icy …. best, Brendan

  4. I admire and share your passion for doing what we can to change our course, for a strong future, for our children and their children and so on. Using our voices and our choices. It feels overwhelming at times, making me want to hide under the covers. I try to do what I can – the greatest accomplishment in that regard is raising a daughter who is active, aware, and outspoken about protecting our planet – our future. I am glad you finished your piece. 👏🏼

  5. I agree wholeheartedly and the image is chilling. Politicians and their pipelines….. here in Michigan thoughtful leaders fight against the pipeline under the Straits of Mackinaw which should never have been okayed in the first place. Here’s to a better 2021 in all ways.

  6. Bravo to you, Ingrid. Yes we need to quit laying pipeline for fracking to suck Mother Gaia’s lifeblood from her. We need to stop the deforestation to feed livestock. Our children and grandchildren deserve a change to have some quality of life.

  7. I know that feeling of being ‘Apoc-eclipsed’ and it seems to be stretching into the New year, with no end in sight, and we were all so hopeful. You’ve summed up our fears so well in this poem, Ingrid, and the rally to’ join together and unite’ should have been rung loud with the New year’s bells. I am willing our voices’ surge to ‘crash into the shores of ignorance with the tsunamic power of a tidal wave’.

  8. I share your fears, but I think if you gave most people the choice between saving the planet and a trip to a paradise island to stay in a luxury hotel and watch the last dolphins play before the Japanese massacre them all, I think I know which most people would choose.

  9. I live in hope too Ingrid, but must admit to being somewhat afraid…
    I think those (who exist in the higher echelons) who only consider the ‘wealth’ that today can provide will only take their greedy heads out of the sand when it is too late…

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