Strunjan #poetry #Earthweal

The salt pans of Sečovlje sleep while sailing boats shelter in place along the harbour
the sun also rises
I stretch out my hand and touch Croatia
the narrow peninsular’s dotted and furred with cypress and Mediterranean pine
the sculpture park we visited the first time 
I came here
where all the dreams of a great empire sleep
like lions weathered still
rampant as ever
I’m in rapture brought on by
dreams of Atlantis 
whispering beneath the waves.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Posted for Earthweal’s Open Link Weekend #52.

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  1. A stunning view of where you live, Ingrid! Harbours are places of beauty and routine activity, with the boats coming and going, dipping and rising, and cypress trees and Mediterranean pines lend it extra beauty. I love the thought of you stretching out your hand and touching Croatia, and thos dreams of Atlantis.

  2. Loved the vivid imagery throughout your poem, and I especially liked the finale…
    “dreams of Atlantis
    whispering beneath the waves.”

  3. This is SO good!

    where all the dreams of a great empire sleep
    like lions

    This line was wonderful!!! (the whole poem was terrific – but the lions? WOW.)


  4. I don’t know much of your personal narrative — it isn’t necessary here — but I infer you’ve relocated to Croatia from England and are rooting into a deeper older sense of self. That vibe is certainly vivid here, something which feels like a slow awakening, like Atlantis rising. Or inviting one to dive. Follow it! – Brendan

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