Don Matthews Trilogy #13

Stone the crows!!! Priscilla’s seen so much Flippant, Comic, and Serious poetry from Don recently that she’s had to don her glasses in order to take it all in (see Featured Image). I always look forward to visiting sunny Australia on a Monday, especially when we have cold and grey skies outside. For more of Don’s inimitable style, visit his site, where it’s sunny all year round…

That’s the Way

Some of us like rhyme
Some of us like prose
Guess we all are different
That’s the way it goes

Don Matthews May 2020

Impaired Driver

A trooper stopped a driver in Utah
Moving slowly and moving around
Who pulled over slowly and neatly
Shock horror “What’s this that I’ve found?”

Conversation between trooper and driver
Was captured on video (dash cam)
And youtubed ’round world to the thousands
Click link below, view while you can

Don Matthews May 2020


Sometimes I feel quite anxious
Posting what I write
Is it bit too risky?
Will somebody bite?

What’s the purpose poet
Of writing poetry
If you’re scared of readers
Reactions they might be?

Don Matthews
May 2020

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  1. Always a fun way to start the day! Nice job! I’ll watch the video later or I’m afaid I’ll loose where i am and I HATE when that happens. Have a good day you two! ❤️

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