Twitter Poetry Week 10

I have noticed after doing this for 10 weeks that the poems seem to fall into different patterns, or ‘themes,’ every week. This has not been deliberate on my part, but it is interesting to note. Looking back, it appears that this week’s theme was self-analysis, appropriately enough:

As ever, I welcome your feedback. Feel free to let me know your likes, dislikes or favourites (if you have any.) Thanks to everyone else who is taking part in this challenge, especially David Alexander A.K.A. @kaddish_s who is doing even better than me, and has managed to tweet a poem every single day for the last 70! I think Tricia Sankey (@triciasankey) also deserves recognition as the queen of micropoetry!

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    1. That was me trying to be Shakespearian 😂 do you mind me asking did this post come up on your reader or did you have to go looking for it? I messed up my scheduling and had to reschedule – whenever I do this my post doesn’t appear on the reader – grrrr!

      1. Oh sooo frustrating my Shakespearian friend!!!
        Damn WP… I looked for you so I can’t say but I’ll let you know later when I look through the reader. Oh I hate these glitches! 💖

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