True Poetic North #poetry #poem

The true poet does not look for fame or
earthly glory,
the true poet is not bound by fads or
fashions, literary stylistics,
editorial demands.

The true poet seeks only the beauty in the everyday:
the smallest thing 
the largest thing
and the infinitesimal array
of all things in between.

The true poet is grateful for the mutability of life
contrasted with the constancy of the eternal
and the place where these two meet
is where the poet writes.
So if you seek renown, then ask yourself:

Have you lost your poetic compass?
If so, take a few moments to just breathe within the stillness
breathe in the blissful, natural return
(just as the compass needle shifts) to
true poetic North.

Β© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Sharing with Earthweal’s Open Link Weekend, because I also think this poem is in keeping with the weekly challenge theme ‘The Nature of Poetry.’

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  1. This is a beautiful way of looking at what poets do, and why. Not fame and fortune, but seeing the things there on we can see, and showing them to others.

  2. Great idea of reseting the compass. Sometimes my writing is all over the place. My true north is always to write something that inspires and evokes change.

    1. If you feel it’s all over the place maybe it’s just a sign to detach from it until you feel the creative spirit flow!

  3. It’s funny how one can spend time on pondering the smallest of things in life. Nice direction you took the reader.

    1. Thank you Patti: I liked the Rilke quote (from Earthweal Weekly Challenge) that even in prison a poet should be able to take inspiration from childhood memories.

  4. “A true poet seeks only the beauty in the everyday.” I love that, and it is so true. The payoff is putting it into words; no matter how few may read them. “The place where these two meet” – life and the eternal – “is where the poet writes” – what a brilliant observation. Wonderfully written!

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