‘Perspective on Youth’ published at Free Verse Revolution

Today Free Verse Revolution launches in its new Literary Magazine format. I am very excited to read it, and delighted to have a new poem of mine, ‘Perspective on Youth’ included in the publication. I am joined by many other talented writers including Gabriela Marie Milton and Ivor Stephen. It is sure to be a wonderful read, and I hope you will download the magazine and take a look at all of the contributions.

Perspective on Youth

Youth may have left me
but I’ve never felt
so comfortable
in my own skin

When it first started to happen
I was horrified:
all the elasticity
and luscious glow
of pregnancy
lost in the course of a few sleepless nights…

Continue reading in Issue I: hebe (the fountain of youth) Many thanks to editor Kristiana Reed for her tireless efforts to bring this magazine to fruition, and for her continued support of my writing over the past year.

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