Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #22

Time for our regular look at the Flippant, Comic, and Serious side of life courtesy of guest poet Don Matthews and his crew from Down Under: Don’s mate Skip can be seen alongside the poem ‘It’s the Australian Way,’ below. Meanwhile, Priscilla, Ralph and Lizzie maintain a delicate peace, as you can see from the Featured Image above.

The Enigmatic Poet

The poet writing this is an enigma
He can’t work out what makes him tick
His neurons they do not know either
None know when he’s taking the mick

To take what he’s screening correctly
You need to know what makes him tick
To not take offence, misunderstand him
To know when he’s taking the mick

He was born with a condition which makes him
A person of extremes with his wit
But his heart always sits on his shoulder
Just take what you like (ignore shit)

While your moods they go up/down as normal
His are extreme (10 on scale)
Which makes him a damn complex person
Prone to making and withstanding gales

So take what you do like about me
Ignore what you don’t like (the shit)
And come on a journey to wherever
Don’t know where it will end, where I’ll fit

Don Matthews September 2019

It’s the Australian Way


Our country was built on a history
Of having a laugh

No matter what life throws at you

That’s the Australian way
Laugh no matter what

It could be the end of the world
And our attitude would be
Relax buddy, pure rumour, drink up

Making fun of your mates, neighbours and family
is the Australian way

If we like you we will make fun of you

So if I make fun of you it’s because I like you

Now did you hear about
the three Brits walking into a bar?………

Don Matthews March 2020


Our blue and green world’s turning greyer
Every second we lay concrete down
After water, this concrete we’re laying
Is the most widely used substance around

Source: The Guardian

Concrete is the most destructive material on Earth.
While concrete is how we try to tame nature,
it also entombs vast tracts of fertile soil.
Desensitising us from what is happening
outside our urban fortress

If the cement industry were a country,
it would be the third largest carbon dioxide emitter in
the world, surpassed only by China and the US.

Don Matthews February 2020

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      1. Wait! I did see a protruding arm frantically waving when the machine passed. I do hope he was pulled out. Wouldn’t want to lose a star worker like Stan. Many people would be disappointed…….

  1. Stan’s boss just been in touch. All’s OK. Had to water-jet him but he’ll survive to work another day….Phew! What would FCS do with no Stan? Hate to think Ingrid…..

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