Stream-of-consciousness for #dVerse prosery

**Warning: contains strong language!**

Some days are hard they’re like swimming through treacle and you drink tea then you drink coffee then you drink more coffee then you drink tea again and you eat chocolate you eat biscuits and you eat more chocolate and its only caffeine and sugar but you’re still a kind of junkie then you take the kids to school and do the laundry do the dishes clean the floor then pick the kids up and you feed them then you bath them and you make them do their homework then you send them to bed and you get a quiet moment and think what the fuck? am I here for.

Then you take a few moments for meditation and you bathe in the bliss of pure existence and…I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility that existence has its own reason for being.

Getting experimental for dVerse Prosery

Tonight, Merril is hosting Prosery and has asked us to incorporate the line “I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility that existence has its own reason for being.” from the poem ‘Possibilities’ by Wisława Szymborska into our short prose piece of 144 words or less.

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  1. Oh Ingrid, I adore this! The stream of consciousness writing is perfect for this content as is the illustration. Some days, as a young mother, I sure felt like that…running from one task to another, mind blown at times by the sheer number of times I’d have to do things over and over and day after day. I must add, however, I did love being a mom! But this is just a perfect diatribe for some of those moments when we are about to tear our hair out! Well done! You made me smile.

    1. Thank you Lillian, I’m so pleased you interpreted this the way I had intended! I’m always grateful for my beautiful family, but some days are just crazy, and it’s hard to imagine how unless you’ve been in that situation.

  2. You have my heart with this one, Ingrid! 💝💝 It is extremely difficult to manage the household, being mother to children especially now .. in times of Covid.. where uncertainty lurks at every corner. I admire you 🙂 the way you make time for everything that matters and hope.. that one day I’ll be able to, too! xoxo

    1. Don’t get me wrong, it is truly beautiful, and now they’re back at school I am especially enjoying the magical moments we spend together 😊 I just wanted to capture the feeling of overload here 😅

  3. I love this… an existence being built only on coffee and sugar, until you sit down and realize that there has to be a reason for it all. Clinging on and stay calm, and then one day you will find the reason.

  4. I totally relate to this. Been a full time for eight years. I feel both utterly spoiled and totally exhausted pretty much every day – even now with both kids at school six hours a day. The first two years of having two kids were really full on. Have largely come out if the fog since then. But you have more than two, right? It must go up exponentially I think – the beauty and the weariness.

      1. It makes more sense than trying to work full-time as well, because no one would step in and take over all the mum stuff if you did! I’ve been there 😅

    1. Oh the first two years with two was crazy for me, and I was alone for most of it. I’m getting a lot more balance these days with them both at school, and I love it but some days you just feel ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to just stop and let someone else deal with it all?’ I only have two, I think 3 must be crazy! I couldn’t physically do that much laundry… 🧺

  5. Those days we can all relate to. Especially raising children. They expand our heart and somedays they also make us lose our mind! Coffee and chocolate are at the top of the shopping list. 😆

      1. Absolutely. Best if you have that everyday, but life can be busy and demanding. Make time for you whenever and however you can. 💐

  6. I agree with Lill, Ingrid; the prompt line is perfect for a stream of consciousness piece! I too felt the same way as a young mother, especially after the split with Ellen’s father when she wasn’t quite four years old, and I know that feeling of swimming through treacle – and I have fond memories of chocolate biscuits..

  7. resonates deeply … the doldrums of motherhood yet it is the most important job in life … to rear worthy people! But snatching that quiet moment is a real treasure

  8. Definitely asked the same questions many time. The only conclusion I ever reach is that there is no conclusion no reach. I do agree with James Taylor’s “Secret of Life”. I included it in my post todsy.

  9. Merely existing and getting through some busy days are part of the deal for mothers and many fathers as well. We see the meaning as they grow into beautiful people. And then we see our own growth! 💞

  10. reminds me of my wife when our chilfren were still at school. has not changed much for us they are both still at home but instead of school tey go to work instead and i still think waht the**** am i doing at times. great write

  11. How did you know how my days typically go? It’s nice your WTF moments are accompanied by some beautiful prosery. I really enjoy reading your pieces as they are always very relatable and engaging.

  12. Amen to that. Sometimes existence is the greatest gift within all the chaos. I enjoyed your feistiness and the style of writing really drove home your point as well.

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